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Anti-Bacterial Laminate

How does it work? The laminate we are using is a Biaxially Oriented Polypropylene film with added anti-bacterial properties. But just what does “anti-bacterial properties” really mean? In this case, it means small particles of silver ions. Silver has long been known for its ability to fight bacteria and, by including it in this laminate, it can eliminate 99% of the bacteria cells that come into contact with your print.… Read More »Anti-Bacterial Laminate

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Year end catalogue

Have a look through our year end catalogue to see some of the items that we have on offer, these are all brand able as shown. We offer a massive range of brand able items and if there is something you would like thats not showcased in the catalogue please let us know. It may take the catalogue a few minutes to load. Previous Next

Foil printing has landed at Getprint

Introducing Foiled Business Cards Foiling has landed at Getprint! Be one of the first to enjoy this incredible new finishing option and create a stunning business card design, guaranteed to be remembered. Choose from gold or silver foil when you opt for matt laminated cards and get your order in today

Print is dead – COVID-19 edition

  Working in the print industry, it’s not uncommon to hear the popular phrase “Print is Dead”. Print has changed over the years and is no longer the only method to getting your message out, but during the COVID-19 outbreak it can be essential. Guest blogger, Christie, discusses the benefits print brings to the table. Print is Credible Years after its first inception, print is still trusted, studies suggest this… Read More »Print is dead – COVID-19 edition

What is Spot UV

What is Spot UV? Spot UV involves a clear, shiny coating applied to specific areas of artwork to create an eye-catching contrast, making it a luxury choice for business cards or brochure covers. Although it can be applied to the whole card, the ‘Spot’ element of the process is worth mentioning. This is the practise of picking out a particular element of the design to give a great contrast with… Read More »What is Spot UV